Jet Ski


Get on the powerful watercraft and follow your guide along the steep coast to the wild and unspoilt part of Bahia de Palma.

Get on the powerful watercraft and follow your guide along the steep coast to the wild and unspoilt part of Bahia de Palma - the nature reserve and explore the mysterious sea caves at close range. While on the Jet Ski tour, don’t hesitate to turn up the engine, feel the power of this machine, the thrill of speed and the adrenaline rush when jumping over the waves. No wonder this water sport has developed into a trend and will be your best holiday memory. Just imagine skimming across Mallorcas turquoise waters, the wind blowing through your hair, while you take in all the beautiful scenery. Our Jet Ski Adventure offers you a unique and fun experience which is suitable for persons of all ages and skill levels. See why Life & Sea Jet Ski Safaris are rated best in Mallorca by visitors and locals alike. Whether you’re a novice or an experienced rider, we have a Jet Ski Adventure that will suit your needs and have you coming back for more! 



Practising a nautical activity is a way to have fun and enjoy yourself. These activities are becoming more and more widespread, especially jet ski riding, which has many enthusiasts. Due to the complexity of the activity, it is essential that the jet ski user meets certain requirements, one of the most important of which is to follow the instructions of the company's monitors or instructors.

 A jet ski licence is not required for jet ski excursions with an instructor or on a circuit, as our jet skis are limited to the maximum legal power permitted for such uses.



Fortunately, in Mallorca, sunny days abound and the temperatures are incredible, so you should not forget sun protection and sunglasses with string when going out on a jet ski.

On the other hand, you should bear in mind that you should not drive the jet ski on a red flag day, when the sea is rough. This could lead to an accident.


It is important to follow the safety instructions of the instructors: The jet skis are very safe boats, but you must take into account that you must follow the safety protocol and the instructions of the Life & Sea instructors. They are professionals and know the area well, so they can advise you on everything you need and make your excursion very pleasant and fun.


It should be emphasised that jet skiing must always be done outside the marked beach area and under the safety rules that you will be given before you get on the jet ski.