Fishing Tourism

Become a sailor with us.

Become a sailor for a day and be aware in the hands of our team of the Mallorquin culture and tradition. Feel the professional fishing culture for yourself. Not on hearsay!.

We will take you to places only accesible by boat. You will know the island of Cabrera, enjoy sighting of dolphins, you will be thrilled with the night fishing of squid in the authorized fishing season, you will swim in the blue Mediterranean Waters, you will discover caves and taste Mallorcan White wine whilst gazing at Sunset from the caves, and you will contemplate how the last rays light the cristal clear water of our sea.

Become acquainted with sea law, get your bearings at sea, tie sailor knots, use traditional and modern sailing instruments on board… all this and much more in this real and unique adventure that, without doubt will not leave you indifferent.