Mallorca Getaway: Uncovering the Charm of the East

Explore the hidden gems and breathtaking landscapes of Mallorca's eastern coast.

April 5, 2024
by Mariajose

Explore the hidden gems and breathtaking landscapes of Mallorca's eastern coast.

The sun shines brightly in the Mallorcan sky, a perfect blue canvas for an adrenaline-filled getaway. We propose a vibrant itinerary along the east of the island, a journey that combines the natural beauty of the coast with the excitement of water activities. Fasten your seatbelt, gather your friends, and get ready to experience a day of emotions you will never forget.

Breathtaking Sunrise Views:

  • Cap de Formentor: Hike or bike to the lighthouse and admire the breathtaking views of the Mediterranean Sea and the cliffs that drop off into the void.

Thrilling Downhill Ride:

  • Descend from Cap de Formentor: Enjoy a unique experience cycling down the winding road. Feel the fresh air, speed, and panoramic views as you glide through the curves.

Charming Town Break:

  • Artà: Visit this charming town with a rich historical and cultural heritage. Explore its cobbled streets, enjoy a delicious lunch on a terrace in the sun, and soak up the peaceful atmosphere.

Water Adventure in Arenal:

  • Arenal: Head to one of Mallorca's most popular beaches for water activities. Ride a jet ski and speed across the waves, feel the adrenaline of the Aqua Rocket as it propels you through the water like a rocket, or try the banana boat for guaranteed laughter and fun.

Who will be the last of your friends to fall into the water?

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Additional Tips:

  • Book activities in advance, especially during high season.
  • Wear comfortable clothes and shoes for outdoor activities.
  • Don't forget sunscreen, a camera, and a swimsuit.
  • Make sure you have good medical insurance that covers you in case of an accident.

Get ready for an unforgettable day in East Mallorca!


  • This itinerary is just a suggestion, you can modify it to your liking.

Here are some ideas for modifying your route:

  • Palma de Mallorca: Visit the capital to enjoy its architecture, culture, and gastronomy.
  • Paradise Beaches: Head to the south of the island for stunning beaches like Cala Llombards, Cala Agulla, or Cala Mesquida.
  • Culture and History: Visit the Castillo de Bellver or the Cathedral of Mallorca.

Mallorca is an island full of possibilities, enjoy your adventure!

Enjoy your trip to Mallorca!


What does the water adventure include?

The water adventure includes the rental of a jet ski, Aqua Rocket, or banana boat, as well as a life jacket and safety instructions.

What should I bring?

You should bring comfortable clothes and shoes for the activities, sunscreen, a camera, and a swimsuit.

Do I need previous experience?

No previous experience is necessary for any of the activities. However, if you are a beginner, we recommend starting with a jet ski or the banana boat.

What happens if the weather is bad?

In case of bad weather, water activities may be canceled or postponed. We will contact you in advance to inform you.

How can I book the water adventure?

You can book the water adventure by clicking on the "Book here" button or by contacting us by phone or email.

Are there other activities available?

Yes, there are other activities available in Mallorca, such as hiking, climbing, kayaking, and diving.

What should I keep in mind when planning my trip?

We recommend planning your trip in advance, especially if you are traveling during the high season. Book your accommodation, activities, and transportation in advance.

Where can I get more information about Mallorca?

You can get more information about Mallorca on the official tourism website of Mallorca:

We hope you enjoy your adventure in Mallorca!


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