Enjoy our water sport activities in the best environment of the island. Fly in the Parasailing to have the best views of the Playa de Palma, take advantage and adrenaline with the “Aquarocket” or the “Banana”. Get on the Speedboat and cross the sea at full speed.

Feel the protagonist of your holidays sailing in the incredible new and modern Catamaran or enjoy the maritime excursion of the Boat Tour.

Salidas exclusivas

Tenemos a disposición salidas VIP y un trato más personalizado para cada una de nuestras actividades si se desea. Sentir el mar desde una perspectiva más exclusiva para todo el que lo desee. Solo tiene que contactarnos.

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Exclusive tours

We have VIP departures, excursions and a more personalized services for each of our activities if desired. Feel the sea from a more exclusive perspective for everyone who wants it. Just contact us.


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With the most modern and up-to-date water activity boats in Mallorca and the most experienced professionals, we enjoy offering you an incredible experience you won't forget.

Come on!


Explore Life&Sea through the eyes of out guests.


  • Reserve online now the newest passenger catamaran in Mallorca, the most spectacular in all of the Bay of Palma.
  • Daily trips in catamaran from the Club Náutico Arenal, by sail and motor in the bay to enjoy the mediterranean environment. Take pleasure snorkeling in Mallorca in our crystalline waters and white sands of the Coastal Reserve of the Bay of Palma.
  • Goggles and snorkeling tubes will be provided for diving. We also have for your safety life jackets for children and adults.
  • Find your space to disconnect and relax in our catamaran with more than 20 meters of deck length, music and bar service.
  • The catamaran is fitted with comfortable seats and a totally new exlusive design.

Boat Tour

  • Come with the famous "Superman" classic boat to experience a nautical excursion through the Bay of Palma and come to the Marine Reserve where you can enjoy snorkeling in the crystal transparent clear waters.
  • Daily departures from Club Náutico Arenal to enjoy the sea breeze called "Embat".
  • Snorkels and tubes will be provided. We also offer life chaquets for children and adults that mey need one to swim.

Fishing Tourism

• Become a sailor for a day and be aware in the hands of our team of the Mallorquin culture and tradition. Feel the professional fishing culture for yourself. Not on hearsay!

• We will take you to places only accesible by boat. You will know the island of Cabrera, enjoy sighting of dolphins, you will be thrilled with the night fishing of squid in the authorized fishing season, you will swim in the blue Mediterranean Waters, you will discover caves and taste Mallorcan White wine whilst gazing at Sunset from the caves, and you will contemplate how the last rays light the cristal clear water of our sea.

• Become acquainted with sea law, get your bearings at sea, tie sailor knots, use traditional and modern sailing instruments on board… all this and much more in this real and unique adventure that, without doubt will not leave you indifferent.


  • The banana is a fun water activity on an enormous inflatable banana shaped vessel.
  • Hop on the most popular inflatable vessel in the whole world, gather all your friends and family to together enjoy this activity.
  • Water activity for all ages, the banana without doubt is the most enjoyable way to cool down.
  • Turns and jumps in front of the beach coming into contact with the sea.


  • Parasailing is flying 50 meters above the paradise of the Bay of Palma and it is a unique experience.
  • A thrilling activity in Mallorca, get ready to be towed by one of our speedboats and enjoy unserpassable views. A genuine privilege to see the Bay of Palma from the sky.
  • If you wish to fly safely and with the best professionals, this is your adventure.

Speed Boat

  • Feel the adrenalin on cleaving through the waters of Mallorca at more than 30 knots. 435 horsepower transformed into turns, curves and sudden acceleration. Activity in Mallorca for all ages that you cannot experience anywhere else.
  • Come aboard our SpeedBoats to enjoy the experience of crossing the bay of Mallorca.
  • The cathedral of Mallorca, the castle of Bellver and the largest megayachts of the world in a nautical tour of the Palma port with drinks included that will leave you astonished.
  • Enjoy a dip in the Coastal Reserve of the Bay of Palma where you can experience the mediterranean paradise of Mallorcan sea.
  • The length of the excursion is 60 minutes.


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