The Life and Sea Waterports center is well known for it’s luxurious Catamaran and it’s famous passengership “Superman” as well as exciting and adrenalin driven Water Activities.

In the heart of Playa de Palma next to Club Nautico Arenal is where Life and Sea create memories and “let your dreams set sail”. Right here at our base you can easily find us and embarque our boats and enjoy our activities.

This year we are incorporating brand new activities such as Scuba Diving and Fishing Tourism from the ports of Palma and Sóller.

From Life and Sea, we are very committed to the paradise we live in, and that is why we bet on the highest quality of the market in our services and products as well as in the conservation and protection of our Mediterranean Sea by carrying out plastic free operations and providing marine education to young people.

Salidas exclusivas

Tenemos a disposición salidas VIP y un trato más personalizado para cada una de nuestras actividades si se desea. Sentir el mar desde una perspectiva más exclusiva para todo el que lo desee. Solo tiene que contactarnos.

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Exclusive tours

We have VIP departures, excursions and a more personalized services for each of our activities if desired. Feel the sea from a more exclusive perspective for everyone who wants it. Just contact us.


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Explore Life&Sea through the eyes of out guests.



With the most modern and up-to-date water activity boats in Mallorca and the most experienced professionals, we enjoy offering you an incredible experience you won't forget.

Come on!


Your event will be unique and remembered - as a perfect day at the Mediterranean sea.

A modern and luxurious catamaran, a breathtaking landscape, great service, music and a reliable crew make this an unforgetable event.

We will sail to idyllic beaches with crystal clear waters where you can enjoy a refreshing dip or discover the sealife with our snorkel equipment. Sunbath, relax and connect with your friends on these heavenly locations. It is perfect for families or groups of friends who want to live an amazing sailing experience, while relaxing in a luxurious and elegant setting. 

This sailboat decorated in a mediterranean style offers an intimate and comfortable experience for any kind of private event.

As you want this day to be remembered we also offer catering and watersports activities to go alongside with an unforgetable sail.


Boat Tour


On board our famous Life & Sea Passengership Superman you are discovering the Bay of Palma. 

Refresh yourself in the crystal clear waters of the nature reserve and explore the underwater world. Our boat is equipped with a swimming mat and floats so you and your family are able to swim and have fun. 
During the Superman Boat Tour you have time to relax on board, sunbathe or grab a drink while the music is tuning. Our most famous Boat Tour is the best deal to enjoy the Beach of Playa de Palma with your family.


Fishing Tourism

Become a sailor for a day and be aware in the hands of our team of the Mallorquin culture and tradition. Feel the professional fishing culture for yourself. Not on hearsay!.

We will take you to places only accesible by boat. You will know the island of Cabrera, enjoy sighting of dolphins, you will be thrilled with the night fishing of squid in the authorized fishing season, you will swim in the blue Mediterranean Waters, you will discover caves and taste Mallorcan White wine whilst gazing at Sunset from the caves, and you will contemplate how the last rays light the cristal clear water of our sea.

Become acquainted with sea law, get your bearings at sea, tie sailor knots, use traditional and modern sailing instruments on board… all this and much more in this real and unique adventure that, without doubt will not leave you indifferent.




Grab your friends and family, strap on your life jackets, and get ready to smile, laugh and enjoy the waves. 

The banana boat ride is a recreational activity for all ages. As a funseeker this activity is for you. Alongside de Playa de Palma Beach the Life & Sea Banana Boat will jump over the waves and make you and your family laugh. 

If you’re traveling with a group, it’s one of the activities you can’t afford to miss. Banana boat ride gives you the same excitement as other adventure water sports however, you don’t have to increase the speed of a banana boat to experience the fun and adventure. 

After you have cooled down on the Banana check out all our other activities at the Arenal Water Sports Center.





With nothing between you and the Meditarrenean but ocean air. 

Experience the majesty of the Bay of Palma as you zoom along at 50m high, pulled behind a power boat through the salty breeze. Comfortably strapped into your harness, dangle your feet and relax while enjoying the stunning view. 

As you are up in the air, words cannot describe the feeling of watching the breathtaking view down below. Parasailing is a great memory maker for family and friends alike. 

Most of the time people come back down to say that it was surprisingly peaceful and quiet. You’ll glide up into the air at a gradual pace and the experience feels like floating – Now try yourself!.



Speed Boat full speed with spins, jumps and endless straights. This adrenaline driven water activity is the perfect combination of Boat Tour and Speed. 435 horsepower transformed into turns, curves and sudden acceleration. 

Take part in this expedition and discover the secrets of Mallorca. Come aboard our Life & Sea Speed Boat to enjoy the experience of crossing the Bay of Palma and snorkel into the coastal caves.

Feel the adrenaline on cleaving through the waters of Mallorca at more than 30 knots. This activity is made for adventure seekers.


Aqua Rocket

This extreme rapid water activity on the beach of Playa de Palma is the perfect activity to cool down and compete against your friends.

This adrenaline driven ride gives you a rollercoaster feel. If you’re traveling with a group, this is one of the activities you can’t afford to miss. A large inflated rug is pulled by a Speedboat – the Life & Sea Aqua Rocket will jump and fly through the Bay of Palma – just stay on top and win.

After you have cooled down on the Aqua Rocket check out all our other activities at the Arenal Water Sports Center.


Jet Ski

Get on the powerful watercraft and follow your guide along the steep coast to the wild and unspoilt part of Bahia de Palma - the nature reserve and explore the mysterious sea caves at close range. While on the Jet Ski tour, don’t hesitate to turn up the engine, feel the power of this machine, the thrill of speed and the adrenaline rush when jumping over the waves. No wonder this water sport has developed into a trend and will be your best holiday memory. Just imagine skimming across Mallorcas turquoise waters, the wind blowing through your hair, while you take in all the beautiful scenery. Our Jet Ski Adventure offers you a unique and fun experience which is suitable for persons of all ages and skill levels. See why Life & Sea Jet Ski Safaris are rated best in Mallorca by visitors and locals alike. Whether you’re a novice or an experienced rider, we have a Jet Ski Adventure that will suit your needs and have you coming back for more! 


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