1. Identification and contact of the owner of the web.
www.lifeandsea.com (hereinafter the web), is the owner of Balear de Barcos de Pasaje y Actividades náuticos S.L. (LIFE & SEA) (hereinafter the Holder) with addresse at C/ Calle San Miguel, 36, 1st floor, with CIF B57997264, telephone (+34) 971.22.00.20 and email info@lifeandsea.com Other details of the owner: Details of registration in the Trade Registry Office: Trade Registry office of Palma, Volume 2685, Page 72, Sheet PM-80283, Inscription 6

2. Area of application.
The browsing in the web site of the Holder means acceptance of the condition of browser and full acceptance of that stated in this Legal Notification.

3. Age.
The browsing in the web site of the Holder means acceptance of the condition of browser and full acceptance of that stated in this Legal Notification.

Intellectual or industrial property.
The contents of the Web, for example texts, photos, pictures, images or code source are protected by the rights of intellectual and industrial property. Such contents cannot be, for example, reproduced or transformed without previous precise permission of the Holder. The browsers may gain access to the contents and make authorized private copies as long as the elements reproduced are not handed over to third parties, nor installed in network servers, nor be object of any type of use.

5. Common rules of the use of the web.
The browser promises to make use of the Web in accordance to the following rules:

The Holder may eliminate any contents or discontinue the service if, according to his view, any of the rules and obligations mentioned in this Legal Notification are not complied with. For any question or explanation concerning these rules you may contact us by email.

6. Links and limit of responsibility.
The setting up of a hiper-link does not mean under any circumstances the existence of a relationship between the Holder and the owner of the web site in which it is established, nor the acceptance and approval by the Holder of its contents or services. Those people who propose to establish a hiper-link should previously request authorization in writing from the Holder. In any case, the hiper-link will only allow access to the initial page of the web site. At the same time statements or false indications must be refrained, as well as those incorrect or inaccurate concerning the Holder, or to include unlawful contents, contrary to good habits and public order. The Holder does not take responsibility of the use that each browser makes of the material at his disposal in this web site nor the actions taken based on same. The contents of the Web are of a general character and purely informative. The Holder does not take responsibility for the contents or operation of webs of third parties to whom the browser of the web site may gain access to through any type of link. The Holder does not take responsibility, up to where allowed by legal regulation, for the damages arising from the presence of virus, of the actions of third parties who violate rights of ownership, the honour, the privacy or unlawful publicity. If any browser or third party considers that the Web is committing anything unlawful, a communication must be sent to the Holder at the email direction that appears in our identification information. He should duly identify himself, specifying the facts he is reporting.

7. Privacy.
If in the Web personal data is collected, the Holder will be responsible of same and they will be treated in the strictest confidence and security. You will find more information in our politic of privacy and cookies.

8. modifications
The Holder reserves the right to carry out the modifications he deems necessary, without previous notification, to the contents of his web site. Both those concerning the contents of the web site as well as the conditions of use of same, or in the general conditions of contracting. These modifications can be carried out through his web site in any manner admitted by law and must be complied with during the time they are published in the web and until such time they are duly modified at a later date.

9. Applicable legislation, solution to controversial questions and competent court of justice.
The use of the Web will be guided by the Spanish legislation. Any controversy arising or pertaining to the use of the Web, will be subject to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts and Tribunals of the borough where the business address of the Holder is stated.