Boat Tour


Visiting a nature reserve, swimming, snorkeling, fun...all in 2h!.

On board our famous Life & Sea Passengership Superman you are discovering the Bay of Palma. 

Refresh yourself in the crystal clear waters of the nature reserve and explore the underwater world. Our boat is equipped with a swimming mat and floats so you and your family are able to swim and have fun. 

During the Superman Boat Tour you have time to relax on board, sunbathe or grab a drink while the music is tuning. Our most famous Boat Tour is the best deal to enjoy the Beach of Playa de Palma with your family.



Insurance, duties, snorkeling material, swimming articles (churros and boards).


Activities for all ages. Children 0-2 years free. Children 3-12 years half price. Ask for conditions and characteristics in the main house.


The length represents the total activity time (from loading to unloading).



Club Náutico Arenal