Fly like an eagle...

With nothing between you and the Meditarrenean but ocean air. 

Experience the majesty of the Bay of Palma as you zoom along at 50m high, pulled behind a power boat through the salty breeze. Comfortably strapped into your harness, dangle your feet and relax while enjoying the stunning view. 

As you are up in the air, words cannot describe the feeling of watching the breathtaking view down below. Parasailing is a great memory maker for family and friends alike. 

Most of the time people come back down to say that it was surprisingly peaceful and quiet. You’ll glide up into the air at a gradual pace and the experience feels like floating – Now try yourself!.




Insurances, duties, harness, lifesaving jacket.


Photos and HD videos. Optional service with cameras available. More information at main office.


Activities for all ages. Minors must be authorized by the parents. Ask about conditions and characteristics at the meeting point.


The length represents the total activity time (from loading to unloading).



Club Náutico Arenal